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Pouet épinglé

fiction, dog death 

Dog: *die*
Death: I have come for you.
Dog: woof! *wiggle tail*
Death: With pleasure. *toss ball*
Dog: WOOF! *Run excitedly toward the ball*
Death: This may take a while... But honestly I don't care...

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Famous fantasy author: *Die*
Death: I have come for you.
FFA: Can I challenge you to <made up game of one of the author fantasy world> ?
Death: Sure
FFA: Really ? But... I didn't even really invent rules for that game!
Death: Doesn't matter, your characters new how to play so they taught me.
FFA: My characters are here???
Death: Do you want to meet them? There are quite a few of them...
FFA: Holy Fuck NO!!!

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Protag: *Die*
Death: I have come for you.
Protag: I challenge you to Clue!
Death: All right. I'll let you install the game.
Protag: *install the game* Well, after you.
Death: Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the chandelier
Protag: What the... *Check* How ???
Death: Dr Black told me.

Game designer : *die*
Death : I have come for you
GD : I have been told you're insterested in competitive games...
Death : *sigh* What do you propose? I have a lot of pratice you know ? At most game ever played. And before you say something I won't play War, it always takes litterally for ever.
GD : *give death a hurted look*
Death: Alright sorry... So, what do you got ?
GD: Well, I was working on this game with cards... do you have paper, cisors and a pen? ...

trying out blasball and I'm just completly lost...

Prolific fanfic author: "sorry I didn't update yesterday! I'll make it up by writing twice today !!"

Me: "mmm, it's been half a year, maybe I should try to update..."

I just can't comprehend how those writers do. But don't apologize for missing a day of posting FFS!

Tumblr is the place where a post start about how bad jurassic world was, then some person talk about that one extra in a 10 frame sequence, then you learn that guy is actually some kind of margaritta legend...

Bon sinon, j'ai tenté de purger xserver-xorg-video-intel et de le réinstall mais j'ai toujours pas mon deuxième écran... :/

Question con, c'est quoi xserver-xorg-video-intel-hwe ? je trouve aucune info sur pourquoi ce paquet existe...

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Café vie Privée par Audric Gueydan et Maïtané Lenoir
comprendre le web tracking
RĂ©duire ses traces en ligne, bloqueur de pub
Initiation au chiffrement (fichiers, mail et application mobile)
#quimper 30 juillet 16h Centre des Abeilles

Bon depuis hier mon pc ne reconnait plus mon deuxième écran et j'ai aucune idée pourquoi....


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mort fictive 

le synopsis de crin blanc : ya un mec qui a un cheval indomptable et il dit à un petit garçon pauvre wesh si tu le domptes je te le donne
blablabla amitié blablabla il le dompte
le mec il est genre "non kek t'as cru"
et bah le petit garçon il chevauche le cheval et il galope vers la mer et ils vont se noyer tous les deux dans l'eau sous les cris du mec qui dit "non non petit reviens je te le donne ton cheval"

les Ă©diteurs : ouais Ă  partir de 9 ans

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