this is an ad for jesus but it reads SO MUCH like an ad for satan 😭

where is the energy of rt'ing my toots like this one when i toot on @Hiraelle

new rule : if you rt my shitposts you also rt my work uwu

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@Hiraelle on pourrait dire aussi : arrête de croire à toutes les conneries qu'on te balance, t'as plus 10 ans...

@jerry_wham je suis athée et pourtant même moi je trouve ça super faux edgy ado le "ah la religion ces conneries qu'on te balance c'est pour les gamins lol", bravo.

@Hiraelle in fact I don't understand the point why it should be bad to believe in yourself.
@heluecht @Hiraelle Because for several Christian dogmas (like Baptism in this example), humans are sinners who should spend their life to atone for their sins by blindly following Jesus Christ. Believing in oneself would then be heresy.
@heluecht Religion is a strange concept to me personally. I could go on about this particular aspect of Christianity even though I do not believe in it. My parents don't believe it either and yet they are faithful Catholics. So it isn't monolithic either, there are as many way of practicing the Christian cult as there are Christians, just as Judaism and probably Islam and other religions I know way less about.

@Hiraelle ...legitimately what audience hears this and goes

"Oh no! I don't want to believe in myself! 🙀"


@MadestMadness @Hiraelle you may be joking, but that's legitimately what christians will tell you atheists are doing: subverting some "natural state" of believing in god and instead believing ourselves to be gods. which clearly would deserve eternal damnation if it was true, obviously /s

@Hiraelle Yes, indeed. I don't see what's sad. Neither Jesus or Satan matter. But you do.

@Hiraelle Wow, that Satan sure looks like a real nice pal! Thanks Satan for cheering me up!

@Hiraelle i get what the intended christian message is (assuming this isn't a hilarious parody), but damn, the way that early misty dawn silhouette and italics make the whole thing look like some kinda old Nike ad kinda forces the reading....

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