Hey people, even if the subject you're talking about is very interesting : don't forget about Content Warning (CW) !

Yes that subject is important. Maybe it really matters that people shall be aware of the issue you raise or the information you share.

Yet, don't forget to CW accordingly ! Not all of us have the spoons to deal with bad news, with violence, be it physical or verbal, and not all of us want to see lewd content & similar.

So just put a CW on it.

Also it will help people share your posts, since it feels better to share a post that has a correct CW than one without an could hurt people following us.

So put that damn CW when needed. And if you wonder "shall I CW it ?" then do, better safe than sorry. If it wasn't needed, people will tell, you'll know.

CW goes with images hidden as well. I saw a couple images today I would have way prefered hidden with a correct CW. So I don't open them.

So don't forget about CW, hide pics you're not sure wether or not they can hurt or simply be a problem to others. And it will make the fediverse a better place to be and log on.

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