Please, once again, CW your Pokemon spoils, and just spoilers in general.

This is the opposite of fun for people that want to discover everything while playing.

Also please if you are not transgender but want to include transgender character(s) in your story : please, seriously, consider taking advices and recommendations from transgender people.

Just saw a website use the deadname of a trans person to explain who "that person was before" and with the exception where it is the will of the person to have its deadname known : never. do. that. Like. never.

Just got spoiled about Pokemon here and realized I really don't want to !

My best memories were playing versus Platinum and Diamond players. I was pretty equal to Platinum and often lost against Diamond players, although it was never by a huge margin since I play "very" safe.

They had the upper hand and a perfect gameplay in lane, with very good calls, and it made it all the more interesting.

I love challenge so much.
Especially against other people in video games. Personnality is involved and you can almost feel how they are feeling by the way they play, and thus predict how their gameplay will evolve throughout the game.

Some people don't like to lose even by a small margin, and will try to compensate by being overagressive, other will try to play safe and try to make the game last longer to close the gap, and so on.

It feels so good to be opposed to someone who has skills similar or better than mine. And even more in a team-based game !

Because you can try to make the difference by : improving yourself in 1v1, try to make better calls for the team than they are doing, or simply playing better as a teamplayer in teamfights.

Which may be why I have 2000 ~ 2500 hours on league of legends, but never really played ranked.

I realize I have no appetite for competition, in the sense of I do not care about leaderboard and even dislike them. However I do like competition in terms of personnal challenge.

@baerd En plus, je trouve que leur gameplay aux 3 est extrêmement proche de leur personnalité. C'est peut-être moi qui fait une association étrange mais je les trouve vraiment bien design.

Entre Vi et son ultimate qui colle tellement tellement à sa personnalité, Caitlyn qui est beaucoup plus calme et posée avec ses pièges, et Jinx qui est totalement chaotique et insaisissable avec sa capacité passive.

Damn, LoL me manque.

If I am with a woman appearing strong, I will react by letting myself feel small and in need to be protected.

And sometimes I will be the one willing to be strong and badass and make other feel under my protection.

I'm always hesitating between being as "femme" as possible, and being badass and butch.


I wanted to listen to Vi theme.

So I looked at the youtube video.


fuck, i'm so, so lesbian.

Me : talks about Kindred

@baerd : tells me about Vi

Youtube : answers with Jinx theme

Me : :blobmelt:​

(Vi and Jinx are related in the game, and both send very queer vibes).

League of Legends is, in my opinion : a truly beautiful game, with a lot of attention to both the gameplay, the atmosphere, the lore.

And it's astounding, since it's not a game which seems made for having a lore / atmosphere developped.

Which is why it pains me that the community is so, so bad.

If you want to listen to the quotes, there is a 5 minutes video with them, and it's beautiful to listen to ?

I like it.

CW mention of death and violence in the quotes though.

(Kindred quotes)

Kindred is the embodiment of Life and Death, and its quotes are linked to that theme. The champion is made of two character : Lamb, and Wolf.

Lamb seems innocent.
Wolf seems violent.

Yet their personalities are the opposite.

It's truly a beautiful champion that League of Legend created, as many others, they did a wonderful work.

Kindred quotes in League of Legends are really top-tier, it gets to my heart every time and maks me feel so, so emotional.

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