Tried building a conspiracy theory but it turns out no president has ever been a Mouseketeer.

Au secours mes fleurs se grimpent les unes sur les autres

Il y a un livre de math intitul茅 "Nessie et les canards", et il ne semble 锚tre nul part sur internet.

My favorite food is the crunchy burnt bits from the pan

The actual exe is only about 2MB, and it literally contains jQuery inside it

Afficher le fil de discussion

Steam sells "The Uninvited", a game originally for the Apple computer, and it is 50 MB, much larger than the size of the original game and any decent emulator of the Apple, as well as the Apple IIgs (the game also has a IIgs version).

Most of the size of that game is a DLL for the Chromium Embedded Framework, and a DLL for unicode, making me think that originially they wrote the emulator for a browser before putting it there.

What I want from an article's filename : the title, the authors
What I get : year of publication, name of the journal, random numbers

C'est long de faire pousser des plantes, o霉 sont les microtransactions

Mochi Academy 馃崱

Le r茅seau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception 茅thique et d茅centralisation ! Poss茅dez vos donn茅es avec Mastodon !