The part of the IQ test where they test your pattern matching is very important because it is tied to how well you will match socks together on the drying rack

Be aware that I may not express my true feelings on telegram, sometimes I give up looking for the perfect sticker and think "This one is close enough".

The least realistic part in Asimov's stories is when a scientist goes to the government to expose an existential threat to the planet and they immediately spring into action.

C'est le printemps alors il y a une accumulation de graines de pissenlits ou autres mauvaises herbes

Everyday my little box of random screws I found lying around and forgot where theycape from gets bigger, and everytime making it less likely to find it if I ever find out what it was for!

Youtube doesn't have the scene where Krusty the Clown degrouts his shower, what is it even good for

I want to believe that I am above weird sectarian ideas, only associating with people of abstract groups I belong to, but sometimes I just think "Hey they have the same fursona as me"

J'ai enfin r茅ussi 脿 trouver un des dessins d'origine de Jo le chrono

Mochi Academy 馃崱

Le r茅seau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception 茅thique et d茅centralisation ! Poss茅dez vos donn茅es avec Mastodon !