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We doin' SCIENCE 馃槇
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Uploaded another old flash video that seems to have disappeared to youtube for preservation, please enjoy

I threw out a bunch of old hard drives so now I have all the neodymium in the world

Sometimes when I open my pantry I see the pack of hamburger buns and I think "borgar"

@Bram need some tips and tricks to rejuvenate my kitchen knife, it has been mildly dipped in molten aluminium

Found these in the basement so please welcome my new family/interior decoration

Barsuga a partag茅

Oh no, he's coming! D:
Mischief at Fluufff with @Tanaphor ~

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Whether I will use camel case, all lower case, or separate words by dashes or underscore for my variable names is left to the stars

"Requiem was read by E. Teller who cited the apropos anecdote of a candidate for a doctor鈥檚 in philosophy who made a statement presumed to be true. Upon being asked by a professor on the examining board, 鈥樷業n which universe?鈥欌 , he responded, 鈥樷榃hich which?鈥欌"

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