Ca fait des années que je cherche des vidéos des Yeux de la Découverte et je découvre enfin que c'était à l'origine une série anglaise :

Spooky mummy 

Always a great joke : sequel titles where the number is plot relevent, cf Robocop 2 where the movie is about Robocop 2

As far as I know, there are only two movies influential enough to have coined an official look : Bambi with Bambi eyes, and Zoolander with Blue Steel.

Looking at sumerian texts on sheep but it's mostly marketing

"niga[fattened] sag[quality] barsuga[~sheep]"

I try to talk to people but it feels like for most of them I have to carry the entire conversation myself and I am very bad at this, as if no one wants to actually speak to me

"The Mixmaster universe (named after Sunbeam Mixmaster, a brand of Sunbeam Products electric kitchen mixer)"

Calico cat has the same stress pattern as polly pocket

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