Why should I trust wikipedia when their articles on wool grading are woefully incomplete

Le problème quand on fait de l'analyse de données au boulot

Poème sur la relativité générale par Marie Antoinette Tonnelat

Acting is hard and I'm not sure this will help underline whatever point you're trying to make

What causes otherwise reasonable youtubers to start including skits in their videos

Sometimes I want to learn more about neurobiology, but then I realize I don't love potassium ions that much

Sheep fursuit is under investigation, although apparently I won't be able to get a commission slot 'til mid-2020 :ablobcatknitsweats:​

Theological question : is Jesus' fursona a sheep (lamb of god) or a lion (Lion of Judas)?

The secret trick for credibility : look something up on wikipedia, look up the original source of the statement and use this source as your source.

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