What sinister cabal always puts exactly one moldy lemon in every lemon bag

To help with the flu I went out to buy some medical ice cream

Do you think Beetlejuice pops up a lot at astronomy conferences

Sometimes when you're a spray bottle, you have to make choices in your life

(Spoiler : they are roughly described by Poisson processes)

I've read more papers on that topic than I have seen soccer matches (exactly one)

I briefly worked in AI for soccer match predictions and I know way more about modelling such matches than I would wish for

How do you stop someone from breathing while they sleep without killing them

Hey people who make paperwork, can you print "YOU CAN THROW THIS OUT IF YOU WANT IT'S NOT INDISPENSIBLE" on forms with that property

In the end it's a good thing I never went into nuclear physics, because all I do at home is setting fires and touching chemicals and live wires with my bare hands

Je oaye 80€ pour un livre et il n'est même pas bien massicoté!

Apparently people with damages to the decision center of the brain perform absolutely no actions, but will do if asked, meaning that the brain takes decisions

1) if there is a sufficiently high signal with a high dopamine concentration
2) if you ask it nicely???

Why are we calling constitutional monarchies monarchies, aren't they just republics with very expensive mascots

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