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This time the government wasn't completely wrong. It was the French flag the one from 1790 to 1794.

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Ils se trompent d'Ă©chelle dans leur graph, de frĂ©quence d'Ă©chantillonnage, ils arrivent Ă  INVERSER 2 MOIS (💀), ils font de la correlation vaseuse, et toi dĂ©jĂ  en L2 ça passait plus ça

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Shout out si toi aussi pendant tes Ă©tudes, si tu te ramenais avec un graph et une argumentation du niveau du gouv FR dans un rapport / TD / mĂ©moire, tu prenais un 0 😔✊

There’s a new documentary on Netflix: Amend The Fight for America, which talk about slavery and the fight of black people in the US to access american citizenship. There’re MANY guest actors of color from Hollywood in it.
You should really see it.

Now I wish we have these memorable and well presented documentaries about slavery and the fight of black people in Europe, especially for France and Belgium. Because as a white European, I know more about black history in the US than in my own country or the country I live in. And ooooooh boy there’s so much to say about our countries and the atrocities past and present here

UN: "Russia, you can’t put protesters in prison for protesting"

France: 😂​

UN: "You too, France."

France: WHAT 😡​


"Filming Police in France May Get You 1 Year in Jail If This New Bill Passes"

We suck at making vaccines but when the global baguette crisis will strike, we’ll be prepared

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If you don’t understand your french TL this morning, we are arguing which side a baguette should be eaten first.

We are almost at war.

French Democracy < Emmanuel Macron < Stock Market < Reddit's memes

J’ai jamais autant bossĂ© que depuis que je suis confinĂ©e, depuis mars.

Personne pour venir me faire taper la conversation, personne pour me dire "il faut sortir maintenant je vais enclencher l’alarme des bureaux" >.>

We should really start asking our govs and ourself why are we using the police to handle:

  • Social work
  • Mental work and (help suicidal people, find your autistic kid who got lost, 
  • The pandemic
  • Animal control
  • Every little disagreements

Because they’re under-qualified guys with guns and they’re terrible at all of these

Serious talk: comment vous faite quand vous ne voulez pas changer de boulot, que vous ouvrez Linkedin pour la premiÚre fois depuis 3 an et que vous avez des 20 messages de recruteurs (et pour des boites intéressantes en plus) ?

Vous rĂ©pondez "Non merci je ne suis pas encore en recherche de nouvelles opportunitĂ©s pour le moment." Ă  tous le monde, mĂȘme ceux qui ont envoyĂ© le message y’a 3 mois ?

Seulement ceux de la semaine ?

shirtpost / us pol 

Right Wing: "The thin blue line represent the thin line between civilization and chaos that police is holding."

The thin blue line: Try to stop nazis to enter the capitol and spread chaos in the US democracy

The right wing: "not like that >:( "


It seems intentionally murdering black people on camera wasn't enough to wake consciousness of the mass, but storming an government building and beating a - white- cop to death did the trick.
It's amazing the thing it takes for people to realize nazis are bad.

It’s not that French actors are bad.

It’s natural.

Social interactions in France are just always awkward.

It’s frightening to see the number of people from the UK to ask why their .eu domain has been suspended :ablob0w0:​

When I was a child I thought cloning T-Rex from fossilized DNA was a terrible idea but now that I'm a adult and I work in softwares I'm just : "yeah just do the baby T-Rex already. Can't wait to be vored out of existence"

Mochi Academy 🍡

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