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So 2020 taught us:

  • Don鈥檛 start camp fire in Australia when it鈥檚 40+掳C
  • Wash your hands
  • Wear masks in public
  • Don鈥檛 procrastinate too much when your job is to move 2500 tons of explosive chemical from an urban area

Before 2020: "Why are the Stormtroopers requested to wear their mask at all time, even in their own base? It doesn't make any sense. 馃槀馃槀馃槀"

After 2020: "OK I get it."

Because it seems that cover letters are still a thing in IT in France, 2020, there鈥檚 my recommandation: 

Dear recruiter of the company X,

I have work force, knowledge and experience to sell.
See the attachment for a complete description.

If you are interested, we can conclude the sale in the form of a contract defining my availability for your company.

You can make offer in term of monthly or annually salary.

Best regards,

I鈥檓 unable to say "figured out" in english out loud :<

I shit you not there was no rain for 3 weeks in May and the authorities declared that the nation was experiencing it worse drought

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It鈥檚 hot in Brussels.

I repeat: it is currently hot in Brussels.

We fucked the planet.

Why homeopathy companies don't sell homeopathic fuel for our cars claiming that it's 99.99% cleaner?

If fuel is made of dino remains, do you thing future archeologists who don't know what was a car will think that our Era was populated with metal monsters that ate dinosaurs?

Est-ce que vous pensez que les 茅quipements, servers et services qui ne sont plus jamais maintenus mais que personne ne d茅branche dans les datacenters, que plus personne n鈥檕se toucher parce que plus personne ne sait ce que c鈥檈st ou comment 莽a marche 鈥 tous ces trucs forment une communaut茅 voire une civilisation autonome coup茅e de l鈥檋umanit茅 ?

Sometimes I鈥痜eel like I can understand english pretty well and I can talk more or less fluently with my German, Flamish, Greek, Dutch, Spanish and Italian colleagues.

And then I try to understand people from South USA, London, Australia, 鈥

Maybe we鈥檙e all talking some parallel standard english made for and by non english speakers just to understand each other.

I鈥痟ave even difficulties to understand my colleague from UK sometimes :blobsweats:

Me late 2018: "脭 dear fortune teller, will I have a fursuit in the foreseeable future?"

Fortune teller: "Yes."

Fortune teller: "I mean鈥 you鈥檒l pay for it, then the Cathedral of Notre-Dame will burn immediately after, then Australia will nearly be wiped out by fire, then locust invasion in Africa, 3rd world war almost happen between Iran and the orange clown, then a global pandemic, you know鈥"

Fortune teller: "Yep, go furries"

脌 22 h 55, Cyril Evans, l'op茅rateur radio du Californian, alors pris dans la glace 脿 20 milles (environ 36 km) au nord du Titanic, envoie un message 脿 tous les navires alentour, parmi lesquels le Titanic : 脿 bord de ce dernier, Jack Phillips, le radio-t茅l茅graphiste, re莽oit le message. Il l'interrompt en lui disant 芦Moi aussi je suis dans la lutte, vous connaissez Linux ?禄

Les pompiers lutt猫rent pendant des jours, 16h par jour pour maitriser ce feu.

Un homme s鈥檃pprocha et leur dit 芦Moi aussi je suis dans la lutte, vous connaissez Linux ?禄

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Les personnels soignant d茅bord茅s et sous pay茅s manifestent leur m茅contentement dans la rue.

Un homme s鈥檃pprocha et leur dit 芦Moi aussi je suis dans la lutte, vous connaissez Linux ?禄

At least I know I'll never buy an Ubisoft game again :blobcoffee:

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