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We will put CBC back online for a short period of time for you to download your archive.

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We have non Latin characters to precisely pronounce some sound.... Which regional pronounce with other sounds :blobcatsad2:

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Broken firewall rule? One of your admin is a French speaker.

Ancient daemon rampage your village? Someone mistakenly pronounced a French forbidden and long forgotten spell

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French makes computer break.

French is like black magic spells but we don't know how to use it properly so instead of cool stuff we are stuck with broken terminals and base code.

French coming presidental election 

This time we might get 2 wannabe hitler at the election, and 1 is leading in the pols to be the next president

Amateur photographer struggles 

And you can't tell "sorry I'm an adult photographer" 馃

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Amateur photographer struggles 

It was sunny today (it's quite rare where I live) so I wanted to go to a well known parc I just went once before, to take pictures and I never seen a place so full of children 馃槶
It's the worst to take pictures because you don't want these little unpleasant creatures wasting your pictures and when people see you with a big camera with children around they jump on you.

Well parcs are not good places to take pictures 馃様

Ok so I鈥檝e been told we need to hover the picture 馃憣

Took me 4 years to realize 馃憣

Irish accent in tv shows: :blobaww:

Irish accent in real life: :blob_cat_ohnoes:

Boss: "Yes it鈥檚 just an unpaid internship but I pay you with experience 馃檹 "

"Yes I鈥檓 glad because I鈥檓 gonna need experience to go steal your food at your place during the internship 馃憦 "

Murders against women / women maybe don't read 

Guys if you are wondering why women don't feel safe, I'll tell you wherever you live even in the countryside, even in strict gun regulated area like western Europe , if you think about how many women were murdered at 100m around you during your lifetime you didn't even noticed, I'll tell you you are surely underestimated this number. By a lot.

I live in quiet peaceful neighborhood in western Europe and an other woman was killed yesterday in the streets at less than 100m of me and I didn't notice anything.
It also happened when I lived in south France as well.

I think about all the potential ones I'll never know of.
This is terrifying.

Hot take millenials and bourgeoisie 

The victory of the bourgeoisie is making every Gen x, y, z and millennial feel like they are also part of them and thus are class traitors when they achieve minimum wage with a bit extra $

I was processing the shots I made in Brussels last week and 鈥︹ 馃嚙馃嚜

(we can have a custom plate for ~1000鈧 in Belgium, and belgians looooove to do this)

If you鈥檙e living in a neighbor country of France and if you should trust France in the near future, I鈥檒l just say that we鈥檙e back on celebrating Napoleon since this year.

Just saying

La presse mainstream 锚tre comme: "La migration 茅conomique, un danger pour l鈥橢urope 馃槨鈥"

Also la presse mainstream: "Quels sont les meilleurs pays pour partir y vivre et traivailler 馃槼鈥"

I鈥檓 curious to see when the USA鈥痺ill declare having free breathable oxygen is a communist ideology

Est-ce que quelqu'un a un conseil pour reboucher vous petits trou de vis dans un plafond sans avoir 脿 repeindre ?
Des conseils pour un produit pour combler le trou facilement ?

Mochi Academy 馃崱

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