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We will put CBC back online for a short period of time for you to download your archive.

Stay tuned

And then they are all "your basic french brie is to strong it's disgusting" while buying an old Amsterdam which looks like under a grandpa foot u_u

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They have only 1 cheese: Gouda (pronunced rhouda)

With this cheese they have several level of age, from young to old, and levels of fat. They also have some variation by city.

This is weird.

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Dutch people being like "I can't stand any french food, you are weird" while dipping literally everything into peanut sauce


  • It’s VERY noisy. I used it outdoor and still it was like a loud leaf blower

  • But I spent only 2min to get rid of ALL the dust instead of blowing in my computer for 2 hours and feeling my lung catching fire because of the dust.
    Just go VROOOOOM pshiit pshiit and done.

Really worth it.

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So I was annoyed for years with dust getting in my severs (it's very dusty where I live) and today I got to the professional hardware store and bought silly

(I used only yggtorrent for linux distros download ofc and I asking only for theoritical purpose u_u)

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Fellow rhum enjoyer, where do you download your best torrents (including CBR/Z for mangas), preferably in English.

I used yggtorrent for a while but 1. It's french-centred, 2. It's allowing only a limited amount of leaching

Maybe you have other sources for your CBR?

This is the best chance of taking England we had for over 70 years, just saying.

We never settled this 100 years war

Do you know on Windows how to use an external monitor on a laptop with deactivated integrated GPU ?

Mothers going full TERF online but using aliases because they don’t want their trans child to find out that they are actively fighting against their existence is the summum of bullshiting and cowardice I ever read.

Je tente de lancer le bot de calico et le bot d'amarathe dans une discussion oĂč ils se rĂ©pondraient l'un l'autre mais ça fonctionne pas u_u

The feeling of shame of being dumb af mixed with the feeling of joy because you don't have school today

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