This. If you have knowledge you want to pass on, make a blog, a website on something.

Posting on things we have to get an app, sign in, find et and scroll for ages, is ensuring this knowledge will not spread.

Even Twitter is part of the problem

@borderdoggo Can you post the link to the Twitter post (not as an answer to my toot, but to yours)? This way, people can read the source, and blind people can simply have access to the content. Or you can post the image description. Thanks!

@borderdoggo God I fucking hate discord. It's a mess to navigate, use or find anything in

@borderdoggo ok so at sibr we are currently (shh this isn't super public knowledge yet) looking at developing a discord bot to take the sibr server and archive it and put it on a site (with anominization features and stuff ofc) for this exact reason. 99% of our community is in that discord so 99% of issues and solutions are also in there, unsearchable because discords search stuff is horrible

@foxes @borderdoggo it's definitely better, lots of (tech) irc channels have public searchable archives too. But ideally knowledge is still written down a bit more structured, instead of hunting for loose snippets of response

@f0x @borderdoggo oh definitely, we also try to have writeups on all the apis and such in the github


I really hate it too... even github is way better platform for shit like that

If you are not aware, your web site shows a dialogue window for sign-in credentials.

There return to blogs and ATOM/RSS feeds will continue! :)

@borderdoggo Honestly this is something I’ve run into even on Fedi.

It’s not helped by Pleroma search (at least on the version installed on this instance) being total dogshit - I can’t even find my own posts when I want to reference them, so I’ve started putting thoughts in my blog again.

@borderdoggo Also, because hyperlinks are so, so important for finding things, a hyperlink to the post you shared a screenshot of:

@borderdoggo i try to make a habit of posting on dreamwidth instead of / in addition to here if i'm about to post something i figure i'll refer to again later

if only i could actually tell in advance

@borderdoggo + add it to the #InternetArchive as well!

Either crawling the page or directly upload to the collection should suffice

@borderdoggo yup. annoys the bejeesus out of me. a hobby i'm into is recently converting over from facebook as their primary mechanism of communication to discord. either platform isn't conducive and both require creating an account to go through the feeds.

@borderdoggo Can we just go back to CSS and HTML blogs, those were good!

@borderdoggo it's been sad watching dedicated fansites, fanlistings, and cliques for niche subjects either permanently shut down or become just another discord server
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