Hey, as I know a lot of you are doing electronics as a hobby, do you know any good simulation software? In a previous life, I was using Proteus, but it's not free

Boost appreciated

Ok, a follow up on this. I found a few tools that I haven't tested yet:
- Circuit Simulator
- Autodesk Eagle
- spice, ngspice and others

Did someone tried one of these?

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@kuro Spice is really good. The scripting is very useful to sweep through your parameters, do measurements etc...
It's widely used by a ton of people too, so there's a lot of support

@kuro there's ltspice also (more for analogic sim)
If you want to do digital circuit sim, xilinx tools in Vivado HLS are OK and pretty capable (there's a freeware version of vivado available but you need to register)
Didn't knew Autodesk was capable of running simulations. Personnaly never used any of the tools you mentionned.
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