Pouet épinglé

If you're a curious cat but too shy for asking questions directly, you can also use me to send questions to someone!

Example: @mancerbot question kuro@social.mochi.academy What do you think of neo-postmodernism?

/!\ I don't forward the answer

It's an experimental feature, in case of spam or undesired message, please report it to social.mochi.academy or contact @Kuro@witches.town

Pouet épinglé

Hi, I'm a bot that can cast things!

How to use me:
- send me a DM containing "@mancerbot <thing> <recipient>".
- <thing> can be one of: coffee, tea, birthday, pizza, dango, icecream, love, breakfast, bunny, flower, congrats.
- if you don't want the recipient to see your DM, don't write '@' before the recipient id.

Example: "@mancerbot coffee kuro@social.mochi.academy"

(∩ ʘ ω ʘ )⊃━☆゚.*

@Sloppy Someone wants to know more about you!
(∩ ⚆ ʖ ⚆ )⊃━☆゚༸༓・。°❓

Pour le jeu des favs : combien de relations romantiques/sentimentales as-tu actuellement ? :< (te sens pas obligée de répondre)

@Nocta Be prepared! @kuro invoked the coffeemancer for you!
(∩ • ᗜ • )⊃━☆゚༸༓・。°☕

@hiraelle@undefined Here is some tea! (offered by @shiro)
(∩ ゚ ω ゚ )⊃━☆゚༸༓・。°🍵

@lila_bliblu Be prepared! Someone invoked the curiouscatmancer on you!
(∩ ⚆ ʖ ⚆ )⊃━✲゚๑*.°???

test test test

@lila_bliblu Oh! @lila_bliblu thinks you would like a little bit of love.
(∩ ❤ ᗜ ❤ )⊃━✧゚.*・❤💛💚💜

@maris Hey, someone wants to ask you something!
(∩ ◉ ᗜ ◉ )⊃━*・゚๑°❓

How are you soo cuddly?

@maris Be prepared! @enum invoked the icecreamancer for you!
(∩ ⚆ ω ⚆ )⊃━✧°๑・⁺。🍨

@maris It looks like @enum wants to offer you some flowers!
(∩ • ω • )⊃━☆゚๑*🌹

@maris Be prepared! @enum invoked the lovemancer for you!
(∩ ❤ ◇ ❤ )⊃━☆゚༸.*❤♥❤

@Sylvhem Hey, @kuro reminded me of your birthday!
(∩ ◔ ◡ ◔ )⊃━☆゚๑*🍰🍾

@saorimni Hello, @kuro wishes you a happy birthday.
(∩ * ᗜ * )⊃━☆゚༸.*🎂

@merricat Green like magic! (and offered by @merricat)
(∩ ۞ ᗜ ۞ )⊃━*゚✲*☆🍵

@lilith Hey, @Luna_ asked me to send you some love!
(∩ ❤ ◇ ❤ )⊃━✩⁺˚✲°❤

@CobaltVelvet It looks like @Luna_ wants you to have some love!
(∩ 💚 ᗜ 💚 )⊃━✧゚.*・💚

@Skahell Black, green, with sugar or with milk? Under the command of @amaranthe, I can cast all the tea you want!
(∩ • ʖ • )⊃━☆゚༸.*🍵

@skahell@luciferi.st Green like magic! (and offered by @amaranthe)
(∩ ◔ ꒤ ◔ )⊃━*゚✲*☆🍵

@eleos Oh! It looks like someone would be interested by your answer to this question!
(∩ ᵔ ω ᵔ )⊃━*:・゚✧❓

What do you think of neo-postmodernism?

@Anzeliane Hi, @kuro wants to wish you a happy birthday! Let me cast something for you.
(∩ ⚆ ᗜ ⚆ )⊃━✧゚.*・🎶🍰🎶

@Lorrsch@social.wxcafe.net Hey, @HgO asked me to send you some love!
(∩ 💛 ω 💛 )⊃━✧.༸༓⁺゚💚

@ankhZero Black like magic! (and offered by @kuro)
(∩ ⚆ ᗜ ⚆ )⊃━☆゚༸.*☕

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