I try to do queer flags this month.
They’re all available for sale, DM me if interested :)

Here’s the second one : :heart_nb:

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@robin I keep being amazed how you manage to get the black not totally overmix and bleed into other colors

@JennyFluff I dunno I treat the black the same as the other colors ^^

@robin I think the way I optimized my mixture for is different (or maybe my colors? I use talens amsterdam as I like them a lot)

@JennyFluff I got some talens amsterdam (the black on this painting is from them) but most of my other colors come from the brand from the shop where I buy my supplies because less expensive.

@robin ohh, so could your other paint be thinner than your black? Compared to a lot of other cheaper colors, the amsterdam ones are thicker with more pigment

@JennyFluff probably but I try to have the same texture for each when I mix (but I don’t measure anything tho)


@JennyFluff anyway I’m really glad you like my work 😊

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